Slim Case

Made entirely from Recycled Plastics
100% Global Recycled Standard Certified Plastics

Throughout our development processes we have been very stringent on material selection, not only on the material inlays we use but also in identifying which plastics would fit our brand’s vision best. To further support our goal to reduce carbon emissions we have selected GRS materials that are made from locally sourced waste material. Using locally collected waste means there is a minimal carbon footprint on transport of the waste material.

Our new Slim Cases, made with 100% GRS Plastics, feature a dynamic pattern that offers a sophisticated touch and comforting grip.

Slim Cases - Sculpted Elegance

iPhone 15

Available in 4 Trendy colours

Dark Grey

Sophisticated, Powerful and versatile. A timeless classic color that will never go out of style.


Calmness, stability, and dependability. One of the most universally loved and recognized colors.

Pink Blush

Soft, delicate, and often associated with a natural flush of color on the cheeks.


A classic clear case that offers a minimalist and sleek appearance.