Premium Suede

Suede with 38% Recycled Fibers
Wear & Scratch Resistant
Water Repellent
from Gabriel, Denmark

A soft, suede like sophisticated and durable surface that maintains appearance year after year. Tear, scratch and wear resistant with 150,000 Martindale, Comfort+, is water and oil-repellent and therefore resistant to dirt and stains – making it extremely easy to care for! Made with 38% recycled fibers.

iPhone 15

Available in 4 Sophisticated Colours


Sophisticated, Powerful and versatile. A timeless classic color that will never go out of style.

Navy Blue

Dark, rich shade of blue that is often associated with depth, stability, and sophistication.

Crimson Red

Powerful and evocative color that carries a rich history and deep cultural significance.


Muted, greenish-brown color that draws inspiration from the natural hue of olives.